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The idea of our Company started in 1990, with a demand for an Alternative to high price new or faulty used auto electronic parts, sourcing a used electronic Part was found in most cases to be faulty upon installation or shortly thereafter, we reverse engineer Controllers, and found that many controllers have low end components installed, Our line of Remanufactured Parts has expanded to include abs modules, Climate Controllers, Instrument clusters, Suspension Controllers, Air Flow Meters, Transmission Controllers, etc.

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Jeep Wrangler ECU | How Do I Know If My ECU is Failing?

The engine control unit, or ECU, is one of the most important components in a vehicle. It functions

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Ford Climate Control | Difference Between AC and Climate Control

You know that your car comes with air conditioning. AC is standard in all modern cars. However, most

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Jaguar Throttle Body | What is a Throttle Body?

A throttle body is the intake system component in fuel-injected engines that the driver control

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