Jaguar Throttle Body | What is a Throttle Body?

Jaguar Throttle Body | What is a Throttle Body?

24th Sep 2018

A throttle body is the intake system component in fuel-injected engines that the driver controls with the accelerator. While the accelerator is commonly called the gas pedal, it doesn’t actually send fuel to the engine. Instead, it controls the angle of a butterfly valve inside of a throttle body. Let’s take a deeper look at what a throttle body is, including how it is made up and where you can get a Jaguar throttle body.

How Does a Throttle Body Work?

Throttle bodies allow the driver of a vehicle a way to control the amount of air that is flowing through the intake system at any given time. When you press the gas pedal, mechanical linkage between the pedal and the throttle body pulls on the throttle plate, which causes it to open. When that happens, an increased amount of air is able to pass into the intake manifold of the engine, and the mass air flow sensor communicates that information to the engine control unit.

What Does the Throttle Body Consist Of?

A typical throttle body consists of a one-piece or two-piece metal casing that has a large bore passing through the middle of it. The bore is blocked by a throttle plate. The throttle plate pivots on its axis and is typically controlled by mechanical throttle linkage. While the throttle plate is the main component of a throttle body, additional valves or paths are sometimes included for air to flow.

Are You Looking for a Jaguar Throttle Body?

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