Chevrolet Corvette Auto Heater A/C Controller Buy from Inventory 1994-1996

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Thank You in advance for purchasing our 1994-1996 Chevrolet Corvette Auto Heater A/C Controller Remanufactured Part.

It is Extremely Important to include your Vehicle Identification Number when completing your Purchase.

All of our Parts Sold are as an Exchange,

We ship to you, We Include a Return Shipping Label, You return your “Faulty Core part” using the Special supplied Return Service label,

We allow 15 Days for the Core Return from the time you receive your purchased Part, CORE CHARGE APPLIES TO THIS PART YOU WILL BE CONTACTED FOR AN ADDITIONAL $200 CORE RETURN PAYMENT BEFORE PART SHIPS

Part #s 16192608, 19153503  

Interchange # 655-00603