1000 LED 12V 3mm Bulbs GM Chevy GMC Cluster Climate Radio Buttons Switches Instrument Panel Lights New

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1000 Qty NEW LED WATER CLEAR 12 VOLT 3MM  ( No Resistor Needed ,these are dimmable

You may select from the following Colors: White, Red, Pink, Green & Blue


  •  These led's fit  GM,Ford, Dodge Trucks, SUVs & Automotive Instrument Clusters ,Climate Controllers ,Radio & Switches 
  •  Very Vibrant Color upgrade compared to Incandescent bulbs ,
  •  These LED's have internal resistor  that convert it to 12 volt ,
  •  These LED's work fine with your vehicles Factory light Dimming switch
  •  Take notice of the lead size , one is shorter than the other ,
  •   Short is negative and long is positive ,
  •   Very Vibrant White
  • Soldering is Involved for installation