Ford Climate Control | Difference Between AC and Climate Control

Ford Climate Control | Difference Between AC and Climate Control

4th Oct 2018

You know that your car comes with air conditioning. AC is standard in all modern cars. However, most newer cars also have climate control. You might be thinking to yourself, “isn’t climate control just a fancy name for air conditioning?” No is the simple answer. AC and climate control are two unique things in a car. Let’s take a look at the difference between Ford climate control and air conditioning.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning pumps air throughout the car. Depending on how you want it, AC either cools or warms the car up and all the people in it. With air conditioning, you have to control the settings. You control the strength and temperature for the entire car. It is the only option.

Climate Control

Climate control can be thought of as “smart air conditioning”. Climate control still cools or heats the interior of the car like air conditioning, but does so intelligently. Set a specific temperature and the car will do what it needs to do to keep the car constantly at that temperature. Climate control also allows multiple people in the car to adjust the temperature to their preference. With climate control, the driver and passenger can have two different temperature settings and the car will maintain each individual temperature.

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